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Explosive Hitting

Explosive Hitting

Main Swing Approach (Myelination)

It would be best if you created a lower leg stretch against the upper body. When you create a trail hip stretch that crosses the Posterior Obliques up into the shoulders while slightly moving forward during the pitcher forward move you develop a dynamic system that allows the joints to compress while stretching the fascia. This stretch allows the body to stay connected with no wiggles. As a result, when the lead foot strikes the ground the hand pivot triggers the release of the stretch. The Kinematic Sequence (KS) is pre-set during the stretching phase of the body and when the hand pivot triggers the release the KS sequence releases in the required order to fire the barrel. The trail hip fires too and through the ball while the hand pivot fires towards either the 2nd baseman or shortstop depending on if you are a right- or left-handed hitter. The body wants to repeat the last movement pattern every time; so as long as the body is fully stretched the body can be trained to fire the release of the stretch with a hand pivot trigger.


Load the Body Frame with a Hip Hinge (allows the hip to rotate) & Upper Frame Window with a Tipped Bat (Pre – Pitch)

Great Hitters load their bodies and stride to Balance position the same way every pitch

Time your body not the pitcher when the pitcher breaks their hands (Pitcher Moving)When Stretching and Firing (SNF) Stretching Move is Slow to Fast while moving slightly forward towards the pitcher and maintaining your hip hinge – Helps with staying connected because it removes slack in the body (Pitcher Moving)

Balance is Key to maintaining SNF and creating an effortless Barrel Whip

SNF is stored energy in the Torso which = Torque as you can hold the energy, pause, and then release the energy

At pitch release, you will be ¾ done with your stretch/stride (Pitch Release)

Finish Balanced (Post Contact)